Young Nigerian Lady Graduates With First Class From UK University (Photo)


Oreoluwa Olomodosi

A hardworking and brilliant Nigerian lady has been hailed on social media after graduating with first-class from a university in the United Kingdom.

The young lady identified as Oreoluwa Olomodosi was celebrated after she took to social media to announce her feat, revealing that she graduated with first-class honours in Economics and Finance from the University of York, England.

Sharing her achievement on LinkedIn, Olomodosi said she had a wonderful time studying, volunteering and taking up leadership roles in societies and in her department.

She expressed gratitude to God, her family, friends and mentors that helped her throughout her academic journey.

Her post read in part:

"I am extremely grateful to God for helping me achieve this success. A big thank you to all my family, friends and mentors that have helped me throughout these years."

LinkedIn users flooded her comment section with congratulatory messages.

Daniel Whyte commented:

"Congratulations Oreoluwa! Cheers to greater heights."
Olumide Ogunbanjo wrote:

"Congrats Oreoluwa Olomodosi , your route to success is contagious, more wins ahead, keep trusting God."

"Awwwww.. This is mint. Fantastic performance Oreoluwa Olomodosi. Congratulations and cheers to more wins dear. Bless You bunch too my friend."
Benardette Souza commented:

"Oreoluwa Olomodosi See me teary anyhow! I know how well I struggled to pass finance and economics for my MBA so when I see anyone get a first-class in same I always doff my hat. Congratulations,many more wins to come."