"Look At Your Big Stomach" - Trolls Bodyshame Dayo Amusa For Advertising A Weightloss Product


Dayo Amusa

Nollywood actress, Dayo Amusa was body-shamed by trolls after she advertised a weight-loss product

The actress took to her Instagram account to advertise a weight loss product and encouraged people to buy it.

However, her followers questioned why the weight loss product has not worked on her.

"But this is not working for you now. Stop deceiving people jor," one follower commented.

Another wrote: "You are not fit for this kind of advert jare...look at your big Tommy ..... haaaaaaaaaa."

"Why will they use a pregnant woman for a weightless add now," a third person wrote.

Dayo responded, telling the trolls that her weight is her problem, not theirs.