Again, Ghanaian Govt Offers Citizens Free Electricity As COVID-19 Relief


The government of Ghana has offered free electricity units to lifeline customers for three months.

Lifeline customers are those who consume less electricity compared to some consumers who use multiple phases.

In a statement on Tuesday, Kwame Agyeman-Budu, managing director of the Electricity Company of Ghana Limited, said the gesture is part of the government’s extended COVID-19 electricity relief.

He said the initiative will absorb 100 percent electricity bills of the lifeline customers from January to March.

“Following the President of Ghana’s directive on the extension of COVID-19 electricity relief for Ghanaians, the Government of Ghana (GG) will continue to absorb 100% electricity bills for lifeline residential customers (those who consume between 0-50kWh) for the stated period of three (3) months (January – March 2021),” Agyeman-Budu said.

“Lifeline customers on both prepaid and postpaid metering systems will continue to benefit from the GoG relief as stated.

“Lifeline prepaid customers: Customers on smart prepaid meters will be automatically credited with their free lifeline units for January, February and March.

“Customers on non-smart prepaid meters will have to swipe or insert their cards in their meters before they visit the vending points to recharge, in order to receive their free units for each month.

“Lifeline Postpaid Customers: With regards to postpaid lifeline customers, their bills for January, February and March 2021 will indicate the GoG absorption of their lifeline consumption.

“Management wishes to assure lifeline customers and stakeholders that it is resolved to implement this directive to the letter. Customers are advised to contact ECG District offices with any challenge for a resolution.”