Drama As Aggrieved Lady Sue Boyfriend For Failing To Marry Her After Wasting Her Time For 8 years

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A Zambia lady has filed a lawsuit against her boyfriend for wasting her time and not getting married to her after eight years of being together and having a child for him.

The 26-year-old lady, identified as Gertrude Ngoma, had told a Zambian court that her 28-year-old boyfriend Herbert Salaliki had no intention of getting married and that she got tired of waiting for him to officially get married to her.

According to reports, Gertrude lives with her parents and has a child with Herbert. The boyfriend has since paid her dowry money but is yet to marry his babymama officially.

The lady argued that she deserved to know the way forward and the future between them because her baby daddy has never been a serious person.

“He has never been serious, that is why I bought him to court because I deserve to know the way forward and our future,” she said.

Ngoma discovered that her boyfriend Hebert has been seeing another woman and as such doubts his loyalty to her.

In his defense, Hebert said he not yet financially capable to afford a wedding and also blamed Ngoma for not giving him the needed time and attention.

The judge presiding advised the lovers to reconcile since they is no marriage evidence yet.