I bring to you the personality of the week. Please read more about him

1.can you Kindly introduce and tell us about yourself? My name is adefemi adeshola Samuel AkA shola black, I'm a comedian and actor and also a film director.
Born in Ondo state Arigidi akoko ,I'm a Christian ,I make comedy skits on Instagram and facebook, with the handle name @shola-black

How was growing up for you like? Growing up was fine and fun, like I said born in the village later moved to Lagos with my parents, I hawk tomato and pepper for many years in the street of Lagos, ajah because that is what my mum sells. Hmmmm smile

What job/profession are you engaged in at the moment? What was the motivation behind choosing that occupation? I am a comedian and an emcee likewise and actor.. Sometimes I direct or be a videographer. 2014 I was motivated by a woman I respected so much LATE Mrs Adeyemi she urge me to emcee her daughter's birthday which I tried to refuse but she insisted saying I can do it all because I would always make people laugh whenever I talk in their midst. I actually did the emcee and indeed it was wonderful later 2016  I now discovered that I have this in me, I dumped the millitary line I was heading into and I pick up the microphone and start doing the emcee job later into the film industry

What are the landmark achievements you have made in your chosen career and every aspect of your life?     I have been very blessed in the job there might not any award or bigger achievement for now but as far as I see my video on bigger blogs on Instagram and twitter it's makes me feel good and that means I have achieved something good.

What do you do for fun /hobby and how would you describe your personality? I love acting and I see it as part of me travelling all round Nigeria for this is what I love doing.. Sometimes for fun I do video editing.

Can you recall a particular memory that you hold very dear to yourself? Yes I can't forget the first day my skit was reposted by small doctor that was the first time I had a thousand views Lolzz 😂

What has been the biggest challenges you have ever had to face in your life, either family, finance or your career?  The challenge I have face is finance and doing skit everyday without blowing, finance as been the major because renting of cameras, paying cast and editors it's not easy at all it consume even the money I should have use to get food.

In what ways has the covid-19 pandemic interrupted your working environment? How are you coping? Yes this covid-19 as really affected many things and no shows again, no wedding to no birthday event to anchor and likewise we can't go out to shoot skits. But behind everything God is still at work for me.

Did the global pandemic and lockdown measures turned to be of opportunity for you? If yes,how ? NO it would have been yes if I'm already a top celebrity.

If you were to speak,with the world listening, what would you say?  I will tell the world that I'm coming out soon and with a unique talent I won't give watch out for me SHOLA BLACK is my name.