I bring to you the personality of the week. Please read more about him.

1. Can you kindly introduce and tell us about yourself?

Shokunbi Dare Olanrewaju (EL NINO)
Indigene of Obafemi Owode Ogun state.

2. How was growing up for you like? Care to briefly tell us about your childhood experience, and education.

Amazing Experience,fun and educative
Leysam Primary School
Alimosho Grammar School
Moshood Abiola Polytechnic

3. What job/profession are you engaged in at the moment? What was the motivation behind choosing that occupation?

Electrical Engineer.
Grew up in an Environment where I have to study and hustle as a child.

4. What are the landmark achievements you’ve made in your chosen career and every aspect of your life?

Concerning the career, Have execute some projects have come in contact with some great people.Have worked outside my Electrical field.

5. What do you do for fun/hobby? And how would you describe your personality?

Am on the football field or on social media...
Work and pray.Am gentle 
Am always ready to help (Within my capacity)
Daniel update can testify...laughing.

6. Can you recall a particular memory that you hold very dear to yourself? 

Yes, Someone said I will end up been nobody in life. God turned it around....

7. What has been the biggest challenge (s) you’ve ever had to face in your life, either family, finance or your career?

Career:I had to leave my department and work in another and I did it perfectly well with the Help of God.

8. What motivate you and keeps you going as a personality?

Not all closed door are locked ,,,, Always Open each door before concluding

9. In what ways has the Covid-19 pandemic interuptted your working environment? How are you coping?

Was at home through out   April , It as been double because some people are working from home...I have to multitask myself.from one department to the other.

Finally , I have to say ,,,, please follow Daniel update on all social media handles.....

10. Did the global pandemic and lockdown measures turned to be of opportunity for you? If yes, how?

For me the pandemic opened new Doors for me....I got a new Job.

11. If you were to speak, with the world listening, what would you say?

Work as if you won't pray,pray as if you won't work....And be trustworthy.