I bring to you the personality of the week. Please read more about her, she is in the comment section

Question: Can you kindly introduce and tell us about yourself?

Answer: My names are USMAN SEKINAT OVAYIOZA,I hails from Kogi state,I am a producer and a Nollywood Actress,I am very cool and disciplined,I don't tolerate shit

Question: How was growing up for you like? Care to briefly tell us about your childhood experience, and education.

Answer: Yeah growing up for me was fun then I do see people up there that are older than me and I wish like I was like them, same thing In education.

Question: What job/profession are you engaged in at the moment? What was the motivation behind choosing
that occupation?

Answer: I was still studying then but that profession that was in my mind was for me to be a lawyer and an actress I thought it was not possible then but funke akindele was the woman behind my motivation she is a lawyer and also an actress it doesn't disturb any of the two I thank God today I am a mass communicator a producer and an actress

Question: What are the landmark achievements you’ve made in your chosen career and every aspect of your life?

Answer: Award from the ministry of foreign affairs Indonesia,Been noticed and famous as I prayed for always

Question: What do you do for fun/hobby? And how would you describe your personality?

Answer: I always love to learn new things everyday, especially strange things at the same time I watch Yoruba movies alot to learn more because no one is perfect,I am a cool,calm and Understanding human,but I hate cheating and lies

Question: What has been the biggest challenge (s) you’ve ever had to face in your life, either family, finance or your career?

Answer: Alot of Challenges and in different aspect

Question: In what ways has the Covid-19 pandemic interrupted your working environment? How are you coping?

Answer: we all no Covid-19 did not favour anybody because it interrupted my job,God Grace is the Reason why I overcome it

Question: Did the global pandemic and lockdown measures turned to be of opportunity for you? If yes, how?

Answer: No

Question: If you were to speak, with the world listening, what would you say?

Answer: I would say to them to keep calm and respect those that senior them either by age or profession for them to also make it to the top,and be prayerfull