I bring to you the personality of the week. Please, follow the interview questions and answer one after the other below.

1. Can you kindly introduce and tell us about yourself?
I go by the name Lukman Oshinubi ,I’m popularly known as STANDARD🎀
I’m an Event Host/OAP/Club Hypeman/Brand Influencer. I’m a graduate of Mass communication who hails from Ijebu Imushin.
2. How was growing up for you like? Care to briefly tell us about your childhood experience, and education.
Growing up wasn’t easy at all coz I wasn’t born into a rich family but I grew with a full time happiness. As a son of a food seller we survived and ensure that education is never an abomination. “I DONT JOKE WITH EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES “

3. What job/profession are you engaged in at the moment? What was the motivation behind choosing
that occupation?
Presently, I’m an OAP and Hypeman/MC.
The motivation behind this is that I got to realized that I put smile on people’s faces and I always turn on parties(Anywhere I’m present is never a dull moment) so I decided to take the microphone as my bestie coz it’s very profitable when ur hubby is your jobπŸ˜†

4. What are the landmark achievements you’ve made in your chosen career and every aspect of your life?
Firstly, I will say a big thanks to God Almighty.πŸ™ I’ve been a pace setter and a mentor to several humans vying to be a party rider. My achievements can’t be enlisted here coz if I do,it will take days to finish readingπŸ˜‚

5. What do you do for fun/hobby? And how would you describe your personality?
Ye!!! I catch cruise for funπŸ˜†
I dance and I make sure I cook everyday...
Reading and learning 😍 are my loved ones.
I’m a very complex personality πŸ’―

6. Can you recall a particular memory that you hold very dear to yourself?
😒The day my mum had to sell her hollandis worth of 25k for 2k so that I and my lil sister can eat on Easter Day 2004(that year tough God!)

7. What has been the biggest challenge (s) you’ve ever had to face in your life, either family, finance or your career?
I’m from a strong Islamic background which doesn’t fully support my kind of hustle one way or the other but the act of determination got me here and I’m happy that I’m a symbol of greatness in my family todayπŸ™
I’m very happy and grateful that my dad ensure that I taste education in all ramifications .

9. In what ways has the Covid-19 pandemic interuptted your working environment? How are you coping?
😒It has really affected me coz of the banned of night life all in the name of STAY SAFE. Night clubs has been shutdown for months now but I never allowed that hold me down, I’m into Paid Advert(online),which is really making me to survive and I trade online too. I pray this Pandemic to end soonπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

10. Did the global pandemic and lockdown measures turned to be of opportunity for you? If yes, how?

11. If you were to speak, with the world listening, what would you say?
United we stand!
Divided we fall!