I bring to you the personality of the week. Please, follow the interview questions and answer one after the other below.

1. Can you kindly introduce and tell us about yourself?

I am Yewande Aisha Afonja. Hailed from Oyo State, Atiba LGA. The only female in the family of Five. Higher National Diploma in Mass Communication. Human Resource Management (B Sc)

2. How was growing up for you like? Care to briefly tell us about your childhood experience, and education.

Growing up was so rough among my brothers and other extended family members, I was practically turned into a tomboy. Schooling in Okota was interesting, you can't push me aside, I must be involved even when I know little about the happenings. 

Representating our school in competition like Spelling Bee, Golden Rockers among many others are Highlights for me, another great feeling is been celebrated on the assembly.

3. What job/profession are you engaged in at the moment? What was the motivation behind choosing that occupation?

I currently work in a Construction and building material company as the Head of Human Resource Management and Personal Assistant to the C.E O.
 I Am also a freelance broadcaster. 

I choose Broadcasting because I enjoy creative  conversations and I am not tired of making research. Getting a Job as a freelance broadcaster gave me time to do other things in the Building material Industry. I served as a corp member in a Construction company, I have chosen this other path too to able to educated builders on the best materials to use for their construction. That feeling of ensuring solid structures in our society and passing a good message inspires me to do more in this chosen field. 

4. What are the landmark achievements you’ve made in your chosen career and every aspect of your life?

My Landmark achievements are working as a Lead team for the past Governor of Lagos State, Campaign Affairs sponsored by one of the building material manchant in Nigeria.

Stepping on over 38 carpet as the host of High rated movie premiere in Nigeria, interviewing A list celebrities. 

Signed as an Ambassador for One of highly rated telecommunications company in Nigeria. 

So much that I mentioning them would cover a whole page.

5. What do you do for fun/hobby? And how would you describe your personality?

I create beautiful selfies of me, well captured and edited for Fun, I love to be around happy people. I am witty , smart and Creative. I love to dance and pass out time by the beach.

6. Can you recall a particular memory that you hold very dear to yourself? 

November 2018, I had a very terrible Accident. How my life was spared was by the "GRACE " of God, still shocked till date how I scaled  through.

7. What has been the biggest challenge (s) you’ve ever had to face in your life, either family, finance or your career?

My biggest challenge is not having enough time to push my Creative skills beyond where it is.

9. In what ways has the Covid-19 pandemic interuptted your working environment? How are you coping?

Covid-19 pandemic did affect every sector including attending events and building of structures but we are coping.

10. Did the global pandemic and lockdown measures turned to be of opportunity for you? If yes, how?

Yes, it did turn out to an opportunity, took time out to learn more about Video Editing and that has made me more relevant at my place of work. Plus we created a One stop online store but I  can not disclose yet until it is launched 

11. If you were to speak, with the world listening, what would you say?

Don't be carried away with Small wins, your small wins are steps built for the bigger ones. Consistency is the passcode, get hungry for more.