Lagos sets new record for daily Coronavirus infections

Lagos State has set a new Coronavirus record, as it ramps up 183 new infections on Thursday, the highest in a single day.

This has taken Lagos’ total figures to 1,491.

Kano had previous broken the record of 87 highest daily infections held by Lagos by raking in 92 infections.

But Lagos State has shattered Kano’s record, with 183 new cases on Thursday.

This ostensibly made a mockery of the huge number of Coronavirus patients discharged by Lagos in the last few days.

Lagos had discharged 48 survivors of the pandemic on Thursday, but its biggest new infection rate calls for concern.

This may not be unconnected with the gradual easing of the lockdown in the State on Monday.

Millions of Lagosians had rushed out in large number, throwing social distancing into the garbage dustbin

Another sad news for Lagos State is that it recorded two Coronavirus deaths today.

Total number of patients discharged so far in Lagos is 406, while active cases now stand at 1,052.