It has become a norm to celebrate fans by making them the face of the blog to appreciate their efforts and time put together in achieving goals.

We are here to introduce to you the face of Daniel Update of the week.

Please sit and read more about her below:

Name: Ayandele Esther oluwaseun

Sex: female

DOB: 5th of May

Local Government: Iseyin

State of Origin: Oyo

Religion: Christian

Marital status:SINGLE

Who introduced Daniel Update to you? Daniel 

What is your profession? I am a student and also a business lady

Education background: NCE and Bsc in view

Hobbies: Reading and chatting 

Your happiest day: Wow! the day I got admitted into the university after many attempt.

Your worse day: hmmm...the day I lost my father

What do you want people to know about you? I am an easy going lady,a friendly nd jovial one....if you move close you get to know more about me

What is your perspective about life? Life itself is a battle...nd we gonna win

How do you think you can be useful in any way to Daniel Update? By posting,sharing and telling people about his consistency update.

What is your advice for the youth based on your life experience? Whatever you know how to do very well keep doing...one day u goña win.