Former Sudanese President, Omar Al-Bashir Sentenced To 2 Years In Prison Over Money Laundering

Former Sudanese president, Omar Al-Bashir has been found guilty of illegally in possession of $130million (stolen of course), sentenced to two years in prison

Because he's above 70years of age, he will serve his sentence in Dar Al-Ra'aya Correctional Facility which is part of Kober Prison

Al Bashir ruled Sudan for 21 years before a revolution brought his government to an inglorious end. Before then, South Sudan gained its independence from the rest of Sudan before the Northern Sudan people then led by Bashir staged a revolution against his corrupt government to end it.

Bashir ruled Sudan with Sharia. Alcohol, drugs, sex with multiple women were Haram, stealing public funds wasn't - but the day his Presidential Palace was ransacked by Sudanese protesters, all kinds of alcohol, local and foreign were confiscated. He was an alcoholic, womaniser and a drug abuser.

Source: Gistmania