Cut Your Coat According to Your Size, Don’t Go Borrowing - Wumi Toriola Advises Celebrities

Actress and new mother, Wumi Toriola, has advised celebrities in the country not to put themselves into debt in the name of celebrating Christmas.

In a chat with Saturday Beats, Toriola said, “Sometimes, celebrities are pressured by fans to look good but one can still look good without breaking the bank. I always look good without trying to break the bank or even borrow. There should be a limit to everything. You can still look good in whatever you have. Cut your coat according to your size and don’t go borrowing. It’s always better to enter the New Year without any debt.”

The actress also stressed that there hasn’t been any major changes in her life since she became a mother. She said, “I have not really changed asides from the fact that there is now more demand on my time. I am still the same fun-loving person; nothing is going to change as such.