My Wife Does This Painful Thing To Me Anytime We Quarrel - Man Cries

A worried man

A man has shared his marriage woes begging for help on how to resolve the issue.

He took to Nairaland forum to complain about his worries and wrote:

"We got married in 2012 and ever since then we have been blessed with 3kids (3,boys).

I have a monthly upkeep of 130k for my wife as she only comes to our factory and goes home without doing much for the day aside taking care of kids and cooking.

I noticed that each time we have a misunderstanding, we both keep straight faces for days and she behaves as though she is less concerned to make up. It doesn't affect her chores or cooking as for me I hardly reject food served.

Now, after a couple of days, she would come for sex without wanting us to discuss and resolve the disagreement first.

Even when I feel rudely insulted, this happens. She feels whatever she does doesnt matter as long as Las Las na sex go end am. But I feel it's wrong and issues should be kept straight and fun time separate.

So we had same issues last week and we have been keeping straight faces yet I've been eating her food. Sometimes she joins me for mng prayers, sometimes she does her privately ( we do together before any misunderstanding)

So this morning she appeared stark nude to my room and demanded for sex after almost 15 days.

I told her it would be unfair if we sweep the past events under the duvet. She got up and told me she wasn't ready to discuss any past misunderstanding that she came to f*uck.

I told her I wasn't ready till issues are ironed out.

She taught it was business as usually as my John Thomas always disappoint me each time I see her nude but today I was ready to turn her down.

I want to know if it's proper to always treat your spouse the way you like knowing fully well that sex is their weak point for reconciliation?

Mature minds pls."