Emerging as one of the best graduating students during the University of Lagos 2018/2019 convocation, Adeyeye Oluwaseyi Adeniyi, the best graduating student from the department of business administration granted Daniel Update an exclusive interview.

DU: Good evening sir, my name is Daniel Sodiq, the popular blogger of Daniel Update. Kindly tell us about you.

BGS: I am Adeyeye Oluwaseyi Adeniyi, an indigene of Ondo state. I am 22 years old with a very broad designing and thinking ability. I have interest in solving problems, designing, developing and building ideas that address both societal and business problems. During my spare time, I love to play football, Video games, chat and listen to Music.

DU: Today you are celebrated as the best student in Unilag, how do you feel, and to what extent do you think you can be of help other students in school?

BGS: To be honest, I am so excited till this moment. Not because, I was able to graduate as the best student only, but also, achieving this feat has increased my confidence level and self belief I can achieve anything I set my heart on with the help of God. Throughout the journey, I learnt to be disciplined, committed, dedicated and strategic. All these will be helpful to other students.

Aside that, it will impress you to know that I did not just finish with a degree. I was able to set up two active businesses with the business knowledge I gained and also being able to trade Forex profitably. These things were learnt during my stay in school. In other words, students should avail themselves to the diverse opportunities around and network with people around.

DU: You mentioned you enjoyed sports. How do you balance your education and sports?

BGS: I started playing football way back in my secondary school days, but as some point stopped. In year 2, I joined the class football team and won 2 trophies.

Striking a balance was not too difficult. I did not attend all matches and training sessions except it involves the whole team and it's very important.

DU: With this your engagement sir, what is your reading schedule, I mean your reading duration?

BGS: During my year 1 days, I was reading for close to 7 hours everyday, but that stopped in year 2 upward because, i was living like a programmed robot. I had lesser time to socialize, network and carry out other activities. After my year 1 days, I had no specific number of reading hours. It was flexible enough to accommodate other activities.

DU: What are your challenges and your great times during your under graduate days?

BGS: Every semester had its own challenges. All I did was to prepare myself mentally to overcome the challenges. I face a lot of challenges that I can't exhaust the list.

DU: Ok sir, can you please share some of the challenges so that the upcoming student aiming to be like you can learn from it?

BGS: To start with, there was an ongoing battle in the mind whether to follow the footstep of others or not. For example, trying to follow someone else's reading pattern or hour.

Also, the distractions in UNILAG are more, than in any other school in Nigeria. I had to inculcate a high level of discipline to enjoy the flow and not get distracted.

I was able to live a flexible life on campus while remaining focused.

DU: As much as educational excellence is concerned, UNILAG is one of the best institution in Africa, and also has how reputation in the global map of outstanding institutions, please sir how do you feel, being associated with this esteemed institution?

BGS: The University of Lagos is not just an institution saddled with the responsibility of awarding certificate to students. The school avails serious minded students across the business, entertainment, science field etc, to great opportunities. Most individuals graduate from the University of Lagos as better persons not just because of the grades but the exposure and available network. Citing myself as an example, I came into the university with nothing but my humble self. Upon graduation, I left with 2 active businesses, Forex investment knowledge ( learnt from a hostel room mate in year 3), business ideas that were pitched to several companies. I really attained self development over the years.

BGS: Now that you are a graduate,what are your next steps further(of course,your ambitions are personally,amd exclusive to you, but we want to keep up and hear more from you after this period).

BGS: I look forward to having my Masters in Business Administration. I hope to specialise in Oil and Gas management. Also, I have running businesses and hope to put in more time and energy to enable significant growth. In the area of Forex, I will be working on improving my trading skills and strategy.
Watch out for the next richest man in Africa.

DU: Do you have any romantic relationship in school?

BGS: Yes....I was in a relationship

DU: Ok sir, how were you able to cope that one doesn't interrupt each other?

BGS: I included her in my plans too. So I was able to exalt proper time management.

BGS: And what is your advice to the upcoming students aiming to be like you on relationship aspect in school as an undergraduate?

BGS: Don't lose relevant people while trying to achieve your goals. They will most likely have a contribution to make towards it.

DU: Earlier on, you mentioned that you see every semester as a challenging one. How were you able to conquer that or was there a secret behind it sir?

BGS: I was able to achieve my academic target most of the semester because I always told myself that my previous success is not a guaranty of future success. With this mentality, over confidence never set in. I took every semester serious.

DU: What is your advice for the upcoming students who are willing to be like you?

BGS: Be honest with yourself about what you truly want. Go easy on yourself; don't be too rigid with your plans and don't take that fact for granted. Accommodate changes not indolence. Of all, remember God in all things

DU: We are very happy to be associated with you from Daniel updates. We love you.

From Daniel update.