Depressed Young Graduate Kills Himself After Breakup With His Girlfriend (Photos)


A young man has taken his own life after suffering from depression. The graduate of Makerere University Business School (MUBS) in Kenya, identified as Arthur Basalirwa had shown signs of suicidal thoughts as seen in his posts on Facebook.

He posted a YouTube Video of a song about suicide dubbed “I’m Sorry” by Joyner Lucas. Hours to his passing, Basalirwa posted, on his WhatsApp status, a note saying that “I am sorry but it’s too late, I’m sorry, too much weighing on me I don’t wanna live to see another day.”

Two hours later, Basalirwa posted a screenshot from a WhatsApp chat, this time dedicated to a specific person only identified as D.

“Hi D. You will always ask yourself if you had sent me a more meaningful text. These are your last words to me. Goodbye D,” he said.

Further reports indicated in the WhatsApp chat he shared, Basalirwa seemed to have undergone a rough breakup with his girlfriend. According to them, he was planning his marriage after visiting his fiance’s parents during a traditional ceremony.

However, these cries for help went unnoticed, with only a simple bambi as a comment from one of his friends, until hours later when others learnt about his sudden death.

It is however not yet clear how Basalirwa ended his life, but friends have taken to Facebook to pay tribute to him.