Kiki Osibanjo reports those wishing her father dead to God

Professor Yemi Osibanjo’s helicopter crash on Saturday, February 2, 2019, has been met with mixed feelings.

Majority have expressed gratitude to God for sparing the Vice President’s life, however, many others wished he had been killed in the crash and have been vocal about these opinions.

However, Kiki Osibanjo, while pained by these negative comments on social media, has asked God to have mercy on those wishing her father dead.

Sharing a screenshot of one of such comments on her Instagram stories, Kiki noted that people could be heartless but praye3d for mercy for them.

As earlier reported, the Vice President and nine crew members survived a helicopter crash after the one conveying them crash-landed at Kabba, Kogi state on Saturday morning.

According to the reports, one of the VP’s brothers had been in the helicopter and survived the crash as well.

Kiki wrote alongside her post, “People can be so heartless and all I pray is God has mercy on them.”