I’ll reduce the size of Federal Govt, Atiku vows

The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar, has promised to reduce the size of the centre if elected.

Atiku, who spoke at a meeting with the Business community on Wednesday, said, “I will reduce the size of the Federal Government completely. I support restructuring and we will liberalise several sectors of the economy.”

Taking to his verified Twitter handle on Wednesday, the 2019 presidential hopeful in a series of tweets made his plans known at the event entitled, Getting Nigeria’s Economy Working: A Pragmatic Approach.

Atiku, who said that good education was key to achieving economic growth, stated, “For a technology-driven economy, you cannot get that achieved without introducing education in your policy.

“It starts from education. If you get education right, you will get everything else right.”

He warned, however, that getting a job under his government would not be automatic, saying the job seeker must be highly skilled.

“I don’t believe in giving people jobs which they don’t know how to do. I cannot hire anybody I cannot learn from.

“I can give you that guarantee. Whoever cannot fit into a job cannot be hired,” he said.

He also revealed his business one of his concerns and how he has successfully manged same.

“I have been operating one of the most successful and efficient Micro Finance Banks. The bank alone has lifted 45,000 families out of poverty.

“And the policy I gave the bank was that 80 per cent of loans go to women. Currently, I have a recovery rate of 98 per cent.

“I am 100 per cent confident we will get Nigeria working again,” he enthused.