Cardiff City player afraid of boarding plane after Emiliano Salary went missing

Cardiff City players have expressed phobia for flight after the loss of the club’s new signing Emiliano Sala.

Emiliano Sala went missing after boarding a flight which disappeared off radar as he was on his way from Nantes to Cardiff after signing for his new club.

The plane, his remains and also that of the pilot David Ibbotson are nowhere to be found despite numerous search.

Tribute was paid to Sala and the missing pilot in the Cardiff City game against Arsenal on Tuesday.

One of the club’s footballers, defender Sol Bamba, while speaking to BBC said that “we travel by plane and some of the lads have been thinking, ‘I don’t want to go on it anymore’. The gaffer and the club have been in good terms of bringing someone in to talk to if we need to. And I think some of the lads do, they need to get it out”.