Members Of Winners Chapel Narrowly Escape Death While Returning From Shiloh (Photos)

The man and his family survived the accident
A man has told the story of how he and his family were lucky to be alive after being involved in a ghastly motor accident.
The man identified as Pstr Makoro Precious Fwacn, a Nigerian lecturer,  was coming back from Shiloh, a yearly church program organised by the Winners Chapel when the accident happened.
According to him, the passenger bus in which they were travelling along with other members of Winners Chapel who were returning from the just concluded Shiloh 2018, crashed and somersaulted multiple times.
Despite the impact of the accident, every passenger on board came out alive and unhurt.
Below is what the excited family man shared online.
"Our Dominion God at work! 
"Just after being wired and imparted with the spirit of Dominion upon our father Bishop David Oyedepo at the just concluded Shiloh 2018. The devil struck trying to test the capacity of what God has done for my and the entire crew.
"The car you see below sammersaulted 3 times with my entire family(myself,3 sons and my housemaid) and 9 other members of winners chapel on board.
"Our dominion God proved Himself again as everyone came out unhurt including my 11 months old son.
"Pls celebrate our Dominion God!
"Father, God of our father Bishop David Oyedepo, we thank You for proofing and confirming the words of Your servant again in Jesus name Amen."