Igbo Lady Holds Colourful Traditional Wedding To White Lover In Rome, Italy (Photos)

The period when foreigners travel down to Nigeria to hold their traditional weddings in the bride’s village seems to be over as most Nigerian families don’t mind to wed traditionally in a foreign land. It was really a colorful moment as an Igbo lady tied the knot with her foreign partner in Rome, Italy on Sunday, September 9th.
The Nigerian lady who wore a traditional attire along with the groom, observed all the matrimonial rites according to the traditions of Igbo land before the union was sealed. The groom’s lovely family and friends gathered in their numbers to support him and the bride’s family and friends were also present.

Meanwhile, a UK based traditionalist has condemned some Nigerians who give conditions for their traditional weddings and exclude items which are used to represent their culture.

Uba Acho, a hardcore traditionalist who is based in Leicester City, took to his social media page, to speak against those ‘Westernising’ their traditional weddings as he said a pastor would never conduct a church wedding where vital items are not displayed.

The traditionalist also blasted a couple who used orange juice for their traditional wedding instead of Palm wine.