Common sense and manners should have been taught in secondary school – Don Jazzy

It looks like someone just offended Don Jazzy as he has now taken to his Twitter page to say common sense should have been taught rather than some unnecessary subjects.

His post is currently trending on Twitter and we wonder who might actually made him to post this.

See his tweet below;

“All that time they wasted teaching us shorthand, home econs, and typewriting etc in sec school should have just been used to teach some of us common sense and manners.”

See some people’s comment below;

@SheLovesArtemis: School was a waste of time. Studied microbiology now I sell outfits for a living. Which kind thing be that?

It's not a waste of time. There are info you have access to in school that the typical trader doesn't have. you can make projections, raise funds from investors, leverage on your network and usage of the Internet. That's the advantage of education

— Damy T. I (@damilola_ise) August 11, 2018

Really waste of time smh

— Current Kepa (@currentiyke) August 11, 2018

Really??? So what exactly do you want to tell your investors as regards short hand or type writing or home econs??? Where or which part exactly do you want to explore and expand??? It was a waste of time. The investor right now wanna listen to app creators and tech business guys.

— Escoferry (@EsiMazino) August 11, 2018

I am referring to education in general and not short hand or home econs. We all know that those subjects were waste of time in school but people these days have made education look so irrelevant and underrated and that's a big lie

— Damy T. I (@damilola_ise) August 11, 2018

But home economics is good oo,Am studying home economics in uniben..
It teaches u how to manage ur money,been an entrepeneur,everything..

— ofure edewede (@_foore) August 11, 2018