Reno Omokri, Please Criticize Pastor Adeboye Directly

Reno Omokri, just in case you have a problem with Pastor Adeboye of RCCG, attack him directly, no need of all the hide-and-seek tweets on tithes, or generalization of pastors, or churches.

You are supposed to be a smart strategist and fearless, please rather than propping up tithes, or attacking VP Osinbajo, please come after Adeboye himself, if he’s whom you are trying to get at.

Why hide? Daddy freeze is already doing it, and he could use your help. In fact he loves you and since he’s stranded, desperate and frustrated trying to get people out of the church and giving and he can’t, it will be great to have both of you collaborating.

There are lots of government activists in Nigeria. In fact fake government activists are so numerous, and the field is crowded, but there is vacancy for Church haters and they need more validation and faces, because it’s mostly internet people backing daddy freeze – and they have all failed.

You have read the Bible from back to back, and you know the Bible very well, so does daddy freeze, both of you will make a great team.

In fact both of you would also need to come after Pastor Adeboye very hard.

Why not? Since Pastor Adeboye is responsible for not just an adult, but a Senior, VP Osinbajo. Since, it was not the ultimate decision of the Professor to run for office, he was forced by the Church or the Pastor. In facteverywhere he goes and everything he does he calls Adeboye first. So why not attack Adeboye.

If it is your own fight or you’re helping your former boss, or whatever it is, common, just attack Adeboye.

It is great to be very, very and so very smart and face the wrong direction, because that is how to help a nation move forward.

So here are some tips for your attacks: no electricity – Adeboye; Violence in the North – Adeboye; colossal unemployment – Adeboye; massive Nigerian asylum applications abroad – Adeboye; teachers, hospitals and universities on strike – Adeboye; fuel scarcity – Adeboye; no budget – Adeboye; inflation and naira devaluation – Adeboye; unsafe roads – Adeboye; malfunctioning state governments – Adeboye; painful underdevelopment in the Niger Delta – Adeboye; bad quality control and assurance of several retail goods – Adeboye; expensive rice – Adeboye; in fact everything – Adeboye.

Since you have never had experience at high levels of government and never had the opportunity to shape strategy or make a real difference, it is good you have been able to identify the solution to Nigeria’s problem which is to blame Pastor Adeboye, because you – may be – have a problem with him.

Or maybe you have had experience in government and during that administration, poverty disappeared from Nigeria. There was electricity. Starvation was over. Unemployment – gone. Maybe you and your team were so smart and good your candidate was reelected.