UNESCO Gives University Of Zambia $340000 To Begin “Witchcraft” Degree

The University of Zambia has reportedly been given $340,000 by the United Nations Scientific and Cultural Organisation, UNESCO to start a degree programme in witchcraft.

UNESCO considers their support as a way to develop the African cultural heritage and also help benefit the nation’s economy in the future.

The Degree Programme, named Intangible Cultural Heritage will commence with the first intake comprising of 20 students.
According to the Zambia National Commission for UNESCO, the Intangible Heritage comprises of practices such as Witchcraft, Social Practices such as expression through music, Knowledge, skills-as well as the instruments, objects, artifacts and rituals.

Zambia National Commission for UNESCO Secretary-General Dr. Charles Ndakala said despite efforts in safeguarding cultural heritage, there are cases of destruction of priceless culture heritage in certain countries which threatens traditions and customs.
This comes after Higher Education Minister Professor Nkandu Luoannounced in November 2017, that Zambia should consider research and the study of witchcraft as a science that can be used productively for the benefit of the country, according to Lusaka Times.