He Earns Over N200K But Hardly Gives Me N3k In Three Month' -Lady Complains About Her Boyfriend

Nigerian lady, Juliet Chinelo, just took to a Facebook group, Igboistt, to vent her frustration!
According to the lady, her man earns more than N200k but has given her only N3,000 in the last three months.
She wrote;

BIKONU UMUNNEM, WHAT WILL I DO? My guy earns over 200k every month but hardly gives me 3k in 3 months except I visit. He doesn’t care if I do my hair, wear cloth and other things knowing that I just finished from school, no work yet, yet he claims to love me so much and we ve dated for 2yrs now. He has never bought an item or gift for me and has never ask me how I cope. We talk everyday and he wants me to pretend that all is well with me when am boiling in pains. And when I try to complain, he draws d conclusion that am just after money, but I can swear that it’s not true.
He’s 38yrs and still single today bcos he claims there’s no money, that has been his reason. He’s not spending a dine on me, he neither bought land, build house nor buy a car, so where is d Money. AM IN GREAT LACK /SUFFERING AND MY GUY EARNS OVER 200K. Am tired! My heart melts in this wickedness cos he’s d only guy I ve and I love him.